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COPA Travel Insurance
Planning a vacation?

 If you are travelling outside your province of residence, to the United States or overseas, even the smallest injury or illness can be devastating. Protect yourself and your family with emergency medical travel insurance.

Pre-existing medical conditions are covered if you are under 65. Three months pre-existing condition clause for ages 65-70.

Government health plans provide limited benefits when you are travelling outside your province of residence, whether your journey takes you around the world or within Canada. It is always important to purchase additional travel insurance to protect your family and finances from an emergency situation and expenses due to medical emergencies.

Travel Insurance Coverage that's designed specifically and only for COPA members!
Travel Insurance Coverage that is 24 hours a day and most importantly protects pilots and their families while flying! 

Annual Members Premium: $249.00!

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COPA Critical Illness Insurance
an Essential Protection

 Accidents and illness are facts of life. They can happen to anyone at any time.

In a second, your life could change forever. Could you continue to provide for you family if you became disabled or critically ill?

When illness strikes, your recovery, or that of your family members becomes your main concern. The last thing you should have to worry about is your financial security.

The risk of being diagnosed with a critical illness is high and surviving it is even higher. Do you have a plan for financial support while you recover from a critical illness situation?

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COPA in association with Puhl Employee Benefits Inc. is pleased to announce a new infinity program available immediately to all COPA members.

The Emergency Medical Travel (EMT) Program, underwritten through SSQ Insurance, has been exclusively designed by COPA and has been customized to meet the specific needs of the COPA memberships and their families. In addition to regular EMT plan coverage’s, designed to cover emergency medical costs outside of your province of residence, this program includes coverage for the pilot and all dependant family members while you are piloting an aircraft in the event of an indiscriminate landing.

Current travel plans available to the general public do not provide coverage while piloting an aircraft. In the event of an indiscriminate landing outside your province of residence, you would be personally responsible for all medical expenses incurred.

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